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Travel FAQs

* Do I need a Visa?
Contact Mr. Sangrok O (tossnight(aht) if you need an invitation letter.

* What are my transportation options from the airport?
(a) Express bus (from ICN or GMP airports) : 2:30 hour direct ride to the hotel.
(b) Express Train (KTX) from ICN to Daejeon station: 2-hr ride. But there are only 6 per day, and you have to take a taxi or a subway from Daejeon station to the Government Complex.
(c) Airport EXpress Train (AREX) to Seoul Station and then Express Train (KTX) to Daejeon station. Then proceed as (b).
See Travel section for details

* What if Toyoko Inn (official hotel) is full?

* Do people tip in Korea?
No. We always think the service charge is included.

* Do stores accept US dollars?
No. Getting some cash from ATM at the airport could be helpful.

* Do people speak English in Korea?
Generally no, on street. But students and young people might speak some English. See Korean Language Card above. Also, we have Phone translation services (24hours/7days). Tel. 1588-5644 

* What if I miss a bus stop / a shuttle bus?
Taxi fare is reasonable within Daejeon ( $4 ~ $10 ). See 3, for communication with taxi drivers.

* Do you have travel recommendation while I'm in Korea?

* Wifi available?
Yes. Please contact organizers if you do not have the information.

* How's medical service?
The quality is high and the price is reasonable. However, travel insurance is always a good investment.

* Is there vegetarian options?
This link could be useful.
Professors Eon-Kyung Lee and Sang-Jin Lee are vegetarians, and they would love to go for meals with other vegetarians. Professor Suhyoung Choi are also more than happy to give suggestions for vegetarians. Dotori-Namu, Deongchon, Some pasta places (C'est la vie, Seoga & Cook) serve vegetarian food. VIP and TGIF (names of restaurants) have both excellent salad bar and steaks. Note, Kimchi might or might not be vegetarian (often added with fish sauce). Some Italian restaurants might carry something close to vegetarian food. Most Korean restaurants will carry vegetarian food if you ask carefully with some Korean translators. Inside KAIST, we asked the place we have lunch to include some vegetarian dishes (fewer options). 

* Is the neighborhood safe?
Both the neighborhoods of KAIST and the Government Complex (for an obvious reason) are very safe. But a usual precaution is always suggested, such as attention to traffic lights (when not sure, yield to cars).